Capture Point

The objective of the Capture Point game mode is to gain control of all capture points on the map. To achieve this, each team must defend friendly points while pushing forward to seize enemy points. A point may be captured by a friendly ship when it resides within the boundaries of a neutral or enemy point. The point will begin flashing to indicate that a change of ownership is occurring. Also, the Objectives Panel will display your team's color filling the point's corresponding square. Once the flashing stops and your team color has fully filled the square, the point is under your team's control. Partially captured points will slowly decay back to their previous state. Points further from the center of the map take less time to capture to compensate for their proximity to the enemy spawn.

King of the Hill

The objective of the King of the Hill game mode is to capture and hold a point for a specified amount of time. Each team begins the round with an equal amount of time required to hold the point. When the point is under your team's control, your team's timer counts down. When the point changes ownership, your team's remaining time is preserved, and the other team's timer counts down. A team wins when their timer reaches zero.