The powerhouse known as the Hammerhead delivers unmatched defensive staying power on the battlefield. It employs powerful autocannons which can be taken beyond their regular limits to project incredible damage. While slow and difficult to maneuver, it can activate a myriad of defensive subsystems, making it a formidable opponent.

Energy: 75
Shield: 75
Armor: 125
Size: 70
Speed: 140


The agile Swordfish maneuvers its way through a firefight with unmatched speed and agility, making it the choice of any pilot with lightning reflexes. Armed with a powerful plasma cannon, this ship can devastate its foes while employing a variety of abilities to gain an edge over its unfortunate adversaries.

Energy: 75
Shield: 80
Armor: 40
Size: 50
Speed: 225


The technologically advanced Orca is the pinnacle of logistical support vessels. Its shield and energy transfer abilities are indispensable in a well organized fleet. Despite its focus on support logistics, the Orca’s EMP burst proves devastating to enemy shield and energy reserves, while its rockets can still inflict respectable damage to foes.

Energy: 100
Shield: 70
Armor: 70
Size: 45
Speed: 180